Enlarged Pores

Say “No More” to Enlarged Pores

If you ever wonder what those tiny openings on your skin are, those are your pores–working hard to release excess oil and sebum from your glands. However, those pores can look bigger than usual when there is excessive sebum production. Oily skin often ends up in enlarged pores

Chances are, if you have enlarged pores, you’ve tried it all–non-comedogenic, oil-free products, exfoliants, face masks, and the like. These at-home remedies may help in the short term, but when you can still see your pores in the mirror, it’s completely understandable to want to try a more effective treatment.

While we recommend a good skin care condition, including washing your face twice daily with high-quality cleansers and avoiding skin-clogging products, the BeauTech professionals have answers for even the most stubborn skin and clogged pores. 


This skin-perfecting and innovative technology are the coolest yet! Coolpeel® is a revitalizing laser system that utilizes a Tetra laser–targeting all the right spots without damaging the wrong ones. 

Coolpeel® is effective for use on the following skin concerns: 

Cool in effect and procedure, the Coolpeel® laser reaches deep beneath the skin to stimulate the cells and regenerates collagen production. With no heat used at all, the technology is safe to use while leaving lasting results. 

The Coolpeel® system is easy to use and completely painless–you’ll get results with an ample amount of relaxation. Uncover your inner beauty with a touch of cool. 

Eliminate Enlarged Pores in Studio City

Shrink pores for good without trying creams, cleansers, and the like with Coolpeel® at BeauTech Medspa. Our professionals are well-versed in a myriad of skin conditions, and we are here to find the right treatment to target your unique concerns. Come visit us in the greater Los Angeles area for treatment. To schedule an appointment, call (818) 769-2247.

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