Treatment Goals


Many clients come to Beautech with the goal of slowing the aging process. The great news is it’s possible, and our treatments are highly effective in helping you achieve your desired results.  We can help you prevent wrinkles, address volume displacement, and stop that sagging. Using wrinkle relaxers like BOTOX® Cosmetic, we can also soothe those dynamic lines- frown, forehead, smile lines, even lower face, and neck– to smooth the surface and stop those lines from getting deeper. 


Small tweaks to the lips, cheeks, and mid-face can make a big difference in your overall appearance. These enhancements are non-surgical, and results are visible immediately. 

Before and after dermal filler results for a Beautech patient


Beautech treatments have the power to correct that little thing that’s been bugging you forever or that area that’s changed over time. Whether your thing is a scar, jowls, frown lines, volume loss, skin laxity, unwanted fat pads, non-surgical nose, volume loss in temples, under-eye bags, double chin, or something else, let’s talk. Chances are excellent that we can help make significant improvements.

Before and after comprehensive treatment results

Facial Contouring

Non-surgical facial contouring is a subtle art of enhancing small, targeted areas, giving the illusion of cheek highlights, fuller lips, and even a more balanced face shape.

Before and after facial contouring results for a male Beautech patient


Some things simply don’t belong on your face or body. For example, sun spots, veiny areas, and excessive hair. Eliminating these unwanted elements can be a huge relief and could even lead to feeling more confident and beautiful. 

Before and after hand treatment results
Before and after leg vein removal

Holistic / General Assessment

While it may sound counterintuitive, facial enhancements often involve more than isolated procedures in one “trouble” area. For the very best outcome, we must consider the whole face. For example, if a client’s concern is deep nasolabial folds (that area at the crease of your nose on either side), the obvious first solution might be to fill those folds. However, filling those folds would produce an unnatural and undesirable effect. Instead, improvements in other areas, such as cheeks, mid-face, and lower face, will help to achieve the best aesthetic outcome. This is why we always start with a consultation and make a long-term, personalized plan before getting started.

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