Facial Volume Loss

Losing The Volume?

We get it! Aging skin is a very common reason to see a loss of a youthful, supple appearance. Just like us, our skin does not stay young forever! So it’s okay to want to replenish if you’re experiencing facial volume loss.

Collagen production loss is the leading reason why our face experiences dehydration, wrinkles, and aging–which all contribute to volume loss. It can be difficult to restore the “bouncy” texture no matter how much water we drink or the products we use. If you want to rediscover a youthful glow, BeauTech Cosmetic is here to help.


Get ready to sculpt with Sculptra®. Unlike other fillers, Sculptra® relies on the power of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a bio-stimulator injectable, which plumps, firms, and understands the skin. 

Manufactured as a liquid rather than a gel, Sculptra® moves with you and settles into the areas of your skin that need it most. As it continues to build with time, the results of your treatment can fight off facial volume loss for years to come. 

The areas that respond best to Sculptra® fillers are: 

  • Temples
  • Mid-Cheek
  • Lower Face 
  • Chin

Delivering impressive results for nearly 25 months post-treatment, you’ll look and feel younger than ever.

Injectable Fillers

Here at BeauTech, injectable fillers are the name of the game. Mastering fillers for years, our professionals can deliver beautiful results in just a pinch. 

Our medspa offers an ample selection of fillers to fit your personal needs, including: 

  • Juvederm®
  • Restylane®
  • Sculptra®

Each injectable filler is unique in how it works in the skin with different treatment areas and how long the results last. 

Popular areas for injectable fillers include crow’s feet, “11” lines, laugh lines, and wrinkles around the nose. 

Your BeauTech provider can help find the right injectable for you. Getting the look you love is a personalized process–and we want to customize your treatment to you. 

Fix Facial Volume Loss in Studio City

Ready for a restored you? Facial volume loss is no fun for anyone–and here at BeauTech, we understand the power of aesthetics to bring out your inner beauty. Injectable fillers are a great way to quickly get results without using other products. If you’d like to schedule an appointment in the greater Los Angeles area, call (818) 769-2247.

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