Spider Veins

Seeing Spider Veins?

Like the name, spider veins branch out and create webbing across our skin–often creating an undesirable look. Caused by weakened valves, blood begins to pool in the veins and spread out–leaving behind a trail of red, purple, or even blue veins. 

While they are not harmful, spider veins can be bothersome and difficult to cover up. If you’d like to diminish the appearance of your veins, you’ve come to the right place. BeauTech Cosmetic offers treatments to bring out the best in your skin again and give you back your confidence. 

Excel® V Laser Treatments

Treat even the most stubborn skin concerns with Excel® V by Cutera. Designed with 3 operating modes and 2 lasers, the system allows the laser to reach even the most hard-to-reach places. Precise and accurate, you can see the difference without affecting the rest of your skin. 

Perfect for spider veins, Excel® V can target the vein and stimulate collagen production within the cells. By creating new protein-rich molecules, your skin can tighten up and smooth over areas you would have never thought possible. 

Delivered safely and accurately by our team of professionals, BeauTech can diminish spider veins and recreate affected skin for lasting results and a beautiful you.

Treat Spider Veins in the Greater Los Angeles Area

If you’re ready to say “goodbye” to spider veins, visit BeauTech Cosmetic in Studio City. We have plenty of medically-backed, state-of-the-art treatments that are certified in treating veins and diminishing their appearance. For long-lasting results, we also walk you through a guided treatment plan and aftercare instructions for all our procedures. For scheduling and consultations, call (818) 769-2247.

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