Pigmented Lesions

What Is a Pigmented Lesion? 

With such a broad name, it can be hard to pinpoint what a pigmented lesion is–let us help you! Like most skin marks, pigmented lesions are the cause of melanocytes, or skin coloring cells, clumping together and making a spot colored differently than the surrounding area. 

From pink to brown to blue, pigmented lesions can be of many different colors and shapes. Some common pigmented lesions include: 

While most are benign, it is important to monitor the appearance of your pigmented lesions to ensure proper care. 

If you want to reduce the appearance of pigmented lesions, we have options for you! BeauTech Cosmetic has trained professionals that deliver optimal results with multiple different procedures. 

Excel® V Laser Treatments

One treatment, many results–with Excel® V by Cutera, you can see real results for your personal skin conditions. Using 2 lasers for ultimate precision, Excel® V eliminates pesky lesions, spots, and wrinkles safely and comfortably. 

What differentiates Excel® V from its laser competitors is the three different operating modes that deliver light energy under the skin. And there is little to no heat on the skin from the comforting cooling tip of the laser. 

A cure-all type of treatment, Excel® V goes to work on every spot–proven to give lasting results to the following areas of concern: 

Why Beautech?

Don’t wait for home remedy hoaxes and potentially harmful treatments to help you get the skin you love. BeauTech professionals are trained to fix your unique skin conditions and deliver lasting results in the safest way possible! 

Ingrained in their work, the motto of “manifesting your inner beauty” makes for personalized treatments that deliver maximum comfortability. Seeking aesthetic treatment can be tricky–we want to simplify that for you. With our knowledge, we will find the right plan of action for a more lovely you. 

Treat Pigmented Lesions in the Greater Los Angeles Area

If you no longer want your pigmented lesions, neither do we! Here at BeauTech Cosmetic, we do what’s right for you–always keep your best interests in mind. Let us find the right treatment for you and a plan that allows for long-lasting results. To schedule an appointment in Studio City, call (818) 769-2247.

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